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Microcomputers and ARM

I recently watched a documentary drama, Micro Men, by the BBC about the people at the forefront of development in the early days of personal computing. It certainly brought back memories of playing Manic Miner and Attic Attack on the ZX… Continue Reading →

Getting Organised

Preparing for the gargantuan effort ahead, it’s time to get organised! There are a number of “outputs” that I want to produce over the course of the next few months: journal papers; thesis chapters; experiments – from design to results;… Continue Reading →

Orange Wine Recipe

A recipe and step-by-step guide for a crisp white wine made using orange juice and concentrated white grape juice. This article was first published in October 2005. I have copied it over from the wayback archive as at some point… Continue Reading →

Start with why

During the course of a PhD there are many ups and downs in activity, emotions, and interest. But this latest lull, two and a half years through the project, has lasted the longest of them all so far. Through procrastination… Continue Reading →

Header-only Libraries

Over the course of the last couple of years I’ve been gradually building and refining a software framework for the purpose of creating signal processing receiver structures in C++. But as new analysis programs have been built I’ve just copied… Continue Reading →

Mirrored Delay Line

For an audio processing application I am sampling audio data into a delay line then convolving or cross-correlating in the time domain. For short delay lines it is possible to use the memmove function without having too great an impact… Continue Reading →

Mirrored FIFO

For a side project involving real-time audio processing I needed a FIFO or Circular Buffer to pass sample data from the microphone sampling thread to the processing thread. The sampling thread happens more often with smaller number of samples to put… Continue Reading →

Windowed Sinc Filter Factory in C++

As part of my ongoing research I have been developing a receiver structure. I moved it to C++ for speed after initial experiments using Matlab. Part of the receiver structure includes lowpass and bandpass signal filters that were still using… Continue Reading →

Thesis structure and style using LaTeX

There are many ways to go about writing a thesis and many tools for doing so: MS Word, EndNote, LaTeX, BibTeX, the list goes on. As colleagues regularly use LaTeX for reports, papers, and originally on their own PhD theses… Continue Reading →

A centralised reference paper system using JabRef

Before I get stuck into building the thesis I need a system for organising the references so that as the number of reference papers rapidly grows I will still be able to easily cite, locate, and annotate them. I’ll be using LaTeX… Continue Reading →

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