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How I Wrote My Thesis

I wrote the article below just after I had submitted the softbound copy of my thesis for examination back in 2017. It is more of a summary and overview of the tools that I used, and the approach I took… Continue Reading →

Everything Stops For T… (thesis)

It’s been a while. A good two and a half years to be more precise, since last writing on here. It’s no coincidence that this period covered the main writing of the PhD thesis, and the Viva, the corrections, the… Continue Reading →

M-OCK Example

A short example MATLAB script for producing a M-OCK signal followed by a simplistic decoder. Assumes perfect synchronisation. This is a short and (overly) simple example for producing a bandlimited M-OCK signal and subsequently demodulating the received signal. This example… Continue Reading →

Getting Organised

Preparing for the gargantuan effort ahead, it’s time to get organised! There are a number of “outputs” that I want to produce over the course of the next few months: journal papers; thesis chapters; experiments – from design to results;… Continue Reading →

Start with why

During the course of a PhD there are many ups and downs in activity, emotions, and interest. But this latest lull, two and a half years through the project, has lasted the longest of them all so far. Through procrastination… Continue Reading →

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