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Building a bed

We recently updated our bed. Not that exciting in itself, but the assembly process was somewhat involved. So the information below may prove useful to others considering buying one of these beds, or who also have questions during the assembly… Continue Reading →

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ : USB Power Enable/Disable

The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ has 4 USB ports and an ethernet port. In our application we will be using a USB sound card to sample a hydrophone. But when not in use the sound card will need powering… Continue Reading →

Ocean Discovery XPRIZE: Building a SONAR System

The Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE has been set up to focus technological innovation to address the very specific aim of fast, large-scale, autonomous mapping of the ocean floor across the globe. At this stage there are nine teams from around the… Continue Reading →

How I Wrote My Thesis

I wrote the article below just after I had submitted the softbound copy of my thesis for examination back in 2017. It is more of a summary and overview of the tools that I used, and the approach I took… Continue Reading →

Everything Stops For T… (thesis)

It’s been a while. A good two and a half years to be more precise, since last writing on here. It’s no coincidence that this period covered the main writing of the PhD thesis, and the Viva, the corrections, the… Continue Reading →

M-OCK Example

A short example MATLAB script for producing a M-OCK signal followed by a simplistic decoder. Assumes perfect synchronisation. This is a short and (overly) simple example for producing a bandlimited M-OCK signal and subsequently demodulating the received signal. This example… Continue Reading →


Fire-gazing: A way to unwind, almost meditation-like, by staring at a fire or similar naturally random scene (aquarium activity, water flowing in a river/beck, leaves whirling around in the wind) whilst allowing the mind to freely wander. An interesting aside: “Fire Good. Make… Continue Reading →

Microcomputers and ARM

I recently watched a documentary drama, Micro Men, by the BBC about the people at the forefront of development in the early days of personal computing. It certainly brought back memories of playing Manic Miner and Attic Attack on the ZX… Continue Reading →

Getting Organised

Preparing for the gargantuan effort ahead, it’s time to get organised! There are a number of “outputs” that I want to produce over the course of the next few months: journal papers; thesis chapters; experiments – from design to results;… Continue Reading →

Orange Wine Recipe

A recipe and step-by-step guide for a crisp white wine made using orange juice and concentrated white grape juice. This article was first published in October 2005. I have copied it over from the wayback archive as at some point… Continue Reading →

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