Preparing for the gargantuan effort ahead, it’s time to get organised!

There are a number of “outputs” that I want to produce over the course of the next few months: journal papers; thesis chapters; experiments – from design to results; software tools to analyse the data; etc. To make sure I deliver, and don’t get lost in the romance of coding, I’m gearing myself up as a one-person scrum team with 2-week sprints ending on a Wednesday.

To manage the stories and tasks etc. I’ll be using Trello for easy access wherever I’ll be working. There are numerous examples and browser-extensions to use Trello for scrum that can explain the background (below) far better than I. With the multiple outputs and only one development team each product board feeds the tasks into a single ongoing sprint board via a sprint planning board. At the end of the sprint these completed tasks are then returned to their respective product boards.

Scrum, Sprint planning, burndown, all on Trello

Using multiple boards

Managing Complex Tasks in Trello

Kanban example